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    PS _E_-WT22 P1.png

    Air Pressure Sensor, Model: PS(E)-WT22

    ■ OEM service
    ■ Adopts high-tech piezoresistive silicon chip
    ■ Easy for mounting with PCB
    ■ Differential pressure measurement available
    ■ Long-term stability
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    Air Differential Pressure Transmitter Model: DPT-A

    DPT-A is a standard and economic pressure
    transmitter applied in air pressure measuring. A high
    sensitivity piezoresistive silicon pressure chip is
    employed in the transmitter.
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    4-Digit Micro-Process Meter ATM-GA4.png

    4-Digit Micro-Process Meter ATM-GA4

    ■ Multiple input/display type available
    ■ Measuring AC, DC voltage / AC, DC current / 3-wire potentiometer / resistor / PT-100 / load cell
    ■ Max. value hold / data hold / reset function
    ■ 0.8” high brightness LED display
    ■ High stability, non-flammable case (PC), high safety
    ■ Optional waterproof protective case ensuring protection level IP65