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    Sanitary clip-on level pressure transmitter

    Sanitary clip-on level pressure transmitter PT+DS500

    PT+DS500 Sanitary Clip Type Liquid Level Pressure Transmitter is applied specially in the field of Medicine,beer,milk.ect. Its core part is delicate sensor of high precision & stability ,which is completely complied with medicine,food criterian. The product is designed to level film structure and multiplicate down-leads, which could meet requirements of user farthest,in particular suitable for food ,pharmacy, drink and biology
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    Melt Pressure Transmitter.png

    Melt Pressure Transmitter PT-HTM Series

    PT-HTM Series melt pressure transmitter transfer pressure into non-interference amplified signals including 4-20mA, 0-5V, 0-10V, which could be directly input to position machine.
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    Temperature Transmitter

    Temperature Transmitter (For head-mounting type) TT-01

    TT-01 adopts Pt100 as temperature measuring element for linear measurement. To avoid temperature signal attenuation during longdistance transmission, it converts Pt100Ω into standard analog current output 4~20mA DC (2-wire). In this way, a stable and accurate figure can be collected and shown on the display of terminal instrument. The instrument includes PLC, digital display, industrial computer, etc.
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    DIN Rail Mount Temperature Transmitter

    DIN Rail Mount Temperature Transmitter ATT-P2

    ATT-P2 transmitter is incorporated with a DIN-rail way installation system and single-channel function, which is mainly used in monitoring long-distance temperature signal transmissions in HVAC system.
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    Submersible Level Transmitter

    Submersible Level Transmitter LPT-260

    LPT-260 submersible level transmitter adopts high performance piezoresistive silicon chip as the measuring element to measure static pressure of the liquid proportional to the level depth.
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    Ultrasonic Level Transmitter.png

    Ultrasonic Level Transmitter AT-ULT Series

    AT-ULT Ultrasonic Level Transmitter is a non-contact, low-cost and easy-to-install measuring device which suitable for both solid and liquid level measurement.
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    Differential Pressure Transmitter

    Differential Pressure Transmitter (Anti-corrosive Type) DPT-AC

    DPT-AC differential pressure transmitter adopts high quality SS316L diaphragm pressure sensor. With high accuracy and strong anti-corrosive features, it is suitable for petroleum, chemical and electrical industry, air- conditioning system, energy and wastewater treatment system, auto control system and industry process control.
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    Mini Pressure Transmitter

    Mini Pressure Transmitter PT-S

    PT-S series mini pressure transmitter adopts piezoresistive silicone chip as measuring elements. The in- built circuit can transform mV signal into standard voltage and current output, which is suitable for using with computer, control equipment and display unit.
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    Compact Pressure Transmitter.png

    Compact Pressure Transmitter AT-PT183

    AT-PT183 compact pressure transmitter adopts high accuracy and stability pressure senor. Its features include low temperature drift, high anti-interference and anti-surge technology. The compact design with all stainless case ensuring its high reliability. It has been widely applied in high interference environment such as frequency conversion, hydraulic and pneumatic pressure system.
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    Glass Micro-fused Compact Pressure Transmitter

    Glass Micro-fused Compact Pressure Transmitter PT-GMF

    PT-GMF pressure transmitter adopts glass micro-fused technology, which is one of the most economic transmitter that can apply to gas and liquid pressure measurement.
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    Pressure Transmitter

    Pressure Transmitter (For Car Industry) PTX-C

    PTX-C pressure transmitter adopts high strength thick-film ceramic with application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) design. It can apply to bad environments such as high/low temperature, high vibration, thermal shock, mechanical shock and chemical pollution.
    PTX-C is mainly used in automatic transmission hydraulic pressure measurement.
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    Clamped Flush Diaphragm Pressure Transmitter.png

    Clamped Flush Diaphragm Pressure Transmitter FDPT-500 Series

    FDPT-500 adopts a piezoresistive silicon pressure sensor with the flush diaphragm as its measuring elements. The blind space has been eliminated to prevent impurity or viscosity generated. The features make FDPT-500 transmitter suitable for the sanitary required environment such as food, pharmaceuticals, and wine industry.