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    Paddlewheel Flow Controller Meter.png

    Paddlewheel Flow Controller Meter DFS-2.5SL2

    ■ High alarm effect, the screen automatically changes color when the alarm is activated (red/green)
    ■ Accuracy±0.75%F.S.
    ■ Measuring pipe size range: 15 to 600mm (0.5~24”)
    ■ Measuring flow velocity range: 0.1 to 8M/sec.
    ■ Wide power input range: 14-28VDC
    ■ 4 switchable flow unit: Liter、GAL、M3、TON
    ■ Protection level: IP65
    ■ Relay x2 alarm function is optional
    ■ 4-20mA or 1-5V analog output function (Option)
    ■ Digital RS-485 output (Option)
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    Mechanical Pressure Switch

    Mechanical Pressure Switch AT-PS275

    AT-PS275 pressure switch is suitable for pressure detection and monitor in piping system, automobile braking system, air compressor, medical equipment and tire manufacturing industry. Opposing the diaphragm is a compression spring. When the process pressure is greater than the force of the compression spring the switch contact will open or close depending on the choice of the contact form.
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    Mechanical Compact Pressure Switch.png

    Mechanical Compact Pressure Switch AT505-18D

    AT505-18D pressure switch adopts no leakage steel piston as pressure sensor, which is applicable to hydraulic oil, lubricating oil, light fuel oil and other neutral lubricating media. Adjustable set point range 0.5⋯40MPa.
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    Flow Switch

    Flow Switch SKFS

    Flow switch can apply to pipeline that contains non-hazardous liquid such as water & ethylene glycol. When liquid flow higher or lower than set flow, the flow paddle connected to the micro switch ensures flow switch can interrupt or continue power supply. The paddle length can be trimmed to fit various pipelines size and flow speed need.
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    Adjustable Pressure Switch.png

    Adjustable Pressure Switch AT-JB Series

    AT-JB adjustable pressure switch has been applied to various industrial operation site to achieve auto pressure control. Actuate point is adjustable through an internal screw. Mechanical stops protect both the spring and micro switch from overpressure.
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    Digital Pressure Switch

    Digital Pressure Switch DPS-SPS

    DPS-SPS digital pressure switch equips 2-way switch alarm output, one analog signal output and OLED display screen, integrating temperature switch, transmitter and field display functions in one. DPS-SPS is suitable for industrial fluid pressure measurement, control and monitor such as cleaning liquid, coolant, hydraulic oil and lubricants.
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    Double Setting Differential Pressure Switch.png

    Double Setting Differential Pressure Switch AT520-7DDS

    AT520-7DDS double setting differential pressure switch adopts bellow as sensor, which can be used for neutral liquid and gas. Mainly used in nuclear power, chemical industry, shipping, metallurgy and other industries.
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    Differential Pressure Switch.png

    Differential Pressure Switch DPS-2100X

    DPS-2100X Differential Pressure Switch with explosion-proof design is suitable for process control system. It features various pressure range with easy operation and installation.
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    Pressure Gauge with Switch Contact

    Pressure Gauge with Switch Contact (Explosion-proof Type) MS-APS-5000X

    MS-APS-5000X pressure gauge adopts SDPT micro switch. Compared with other electrical contact, MS- APS-5000X has superior indication accuracy, set point accuracy and repeatability, which is suitable for pressure measurement, monitor and auto control.
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    Temperature Switch

    Temperature Switch (Explosion-proof Type) TS-3000X Series

    TS-3000X series temperature switch adopts SPDT micro switch, features max. current 5A and explosion- proof protection, which is suitable for temperature control in high current environment.
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    Digital Pressure Switch

    Digital Pressure Switch DPS-L131

    DPS-L131 is a high performance digital pressure switch adopts monocrystalline silicon sealing technology and integrated design. The sensor is located on the top of the body, away from the media contact surface, with mechanical isolation and thermal isolation and other functions. DPS-L131 can be applied to the extreme chemical environment, mechanical load and electromagnetic interference and other harsh industrial pressure measurement and control requirements.
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    Explosion-proof Mechanical Pressure Switch

    Explosion-proof Mechanical Pressure Switch AT511-7DEx

    AT511-7DEx explosion-proof pressure switch adopts SS316L bellow/diaphragm as measuring elements, which is suitable for corrosive gas and liquid measurement.