Digital Transmitter

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    ITT-L200 _T_ _1_-640x640.png

    Integrated Digital Temperature Transmitter (Thread Connected Type) Model: ITT-L200 (T)

    ITT-L200 (T) series digital temperature
    transmitter adopts PT100 temperature sensor,
    LCD display is optional. It adopts an integrated
    transient voltage terminal module and can be
    used in severe surge voltage situations. It is
    suitable for various industrial temperature
    measurement and transmission requirements.
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    Integrated Digital Temperature Transmitter (Flange Connected Type) Model: ITT-L200 (F)

    ■ Flange connected type, active thread is
    ■ Customized stem length and outer diameter,
    and install a thermoweii is available
    ■ Wide temp. measurement range: -50 to 400℃
    ■ Output signal: 4-20mA
    ■ Temperature measuring elements adopts
    Pt100, accuracy 0.5%F.S.
    ■ User friendly interface
    ■ Protection level: IP67
    ■ RS485 output is available
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    ATT-P4 D4 series _2_-640x640.png

    Temperature Transmitter for Duct Type (2-wire analog output/ digital output) Model: ATT-P4/D4 series Introduction

    ■ OEM service
    ■ Analog 4~20mA output/digital output are
    ■ Analog 4~20mA output can be non-polar
    connection, no positive and negative, and has
    limited current protection
    ■ Case material: SS304
    ■ Integrated anti-condensation and heat
    dissipation structure design
    ■ High repeatability and good anti-interference
    ■ Small size, easy installation, accurate
    measurement and long-term stability
    ■ Stem thermowell and cooling fin are optional
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    Pressure Transmitter _General Type_ PT-VP.png

    Pressure Transmitter (General Type) PT-VP

    PT-VP Pressure Transmitter adopts diffusion silicon chip as pressure sensor. The in-built process circuit transform mV signal to standard voltage and current output, which is suitable for using with computer, control equipment and display unit.
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    Pressure Transmitter for High Temperature PT-HT.png

    Pressure Transmitter for High Temperature PT-HT

    PT-HT pressure transmitter is especially design for high temperature media measurement. High temperature resistance sensor and cooling fin are adopted to ensure high temperature  easurement with stable performance.
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    Flush Diaphragm Pressure Transmitter FDPT-Series.png

    Flush Diaphragm Pressure Transmitter FDPT-Series

    FDPT series flush diaphragm pressure transmitter adopts flush connection design. The blind space has been eliminated to prevent impurity generated, making FDPT series transmitter suitable for corrosive or viscous media pressure measurement.
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    Differential Pressure Switch _ Transmitter    DPST-MK484.png

    Differential Pressure Switch & Transmitter DPST-MK484

    DPST-MK484  is an integrated multifunctional product designed for full analog output, which can measure differential pressure on-field, display the differential pressure signal and standard output, and also can provide users with up to 5 contact output signals. DPST-MK484 also features high stability and reliability, it is suitable for measure and control of fluid differential pressure in electric power, drainage, and petrochemical industry.
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    Pressure Transmitter with Display _General Type_   PT-CD.png

    Pressure Transmitter with Display (General Type) PT-CD

    PT-CD Pressure Transmitter with Display adopts diffusion silicon chip as pressure sensor. The in-built process circuit transform mV signal to standard voltage and current output, and display pressure reading through LCD display unit. The high stable pressure sensor and high performance circuit ensure PT-CD can transmit signal from remote distance.
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    3051 Pressure Transmitter    PT-LD3051.png

    3051 Pressure Transmitter PT-LD3051

    PT-LD3051 pressure transmitter applied to liquid and gas pressure, level or destiny measurement and transform measured pressure into 4-20mA signal output. PT-LD3051 can directly communicate with computer to achieve electrical configure and monitor.
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    Smart Pressure Transmitter with Display SPT-ED-460.png

    Smart Pressure Transmitter with Display SPT-ED-460

    SPT-ED-460    is a high accuracy and stability smart pressure transmitter. It adopts oil-filled sensor and ADI  chip with microprocessor technology. SPT-ED-460 features field display, RS-485 or HART digital output, data process, zero & span adjustment, which is suitable for accurate fluid pressure measurement.
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    Differential Pressure Transmitter   DPT.png

    Differential Pressure Transmitter DPT

    DPT differential pressure transmitter adopts high sensitive piezoresistive silicon chip, which is a standard product for general differential pressure measurement.
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    Level Pressure Transmitter LPT-187.png

    Level Pressure Transmitter LPT-187

    LPT-187   level pressure transmitter adopts high performance diffused silicon diaphragm as the measuring element, with anti-interference, temperature compensation technology, and low temperature drift. It is suitable to put into media including gas, liquid, steam pressure and even various corrosive media for long-term use. Applications in areas of petroleum, chemistry, metallurgy, electricity, light industry, and  machinery, etc.